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Can I sell my junk car without a title in Missouri?

Can I sell my junk car without a title in Missouri?

One of the questions we are most commonly asked is: is a title necessary to sell or buy a junk car in Missouri?

The answer (many of our clients are happy to hear!) is… sometimes it is not necessary to hold the title to a car in order to sell your junk car in St Louis. There are places in the US where an owner is allowed to sell junk vehicles even if you don’t have a title.

If you have the ability to prove that you own a vehicle, you can sell your car even if you don’t have an official title to it in your possession. What a relief! But, you may ask, what constitutes the ability to prove that I own a vehicle if it isn’t simply having possession of the car’s title.

You might be asking: who buys junk cars without title near me?

We Buy Junk Cars for Cash with Title… or Without

Things happen, we get it. Titles get lost. They get destroyed. Car titles are made out of paper and they get torn up and shredded to the point where they are sometimes discarded either accidentally or on purpose.

But now, you want to get cash for your junk vehicle and even though you’ve looked everywhere, you can’t locate the title. But the answer to this burning question might just be in that junk car’s glove compartment and in you wallet.

Yes, with a proof of registration and a valid Missouri driver’s license, you very likely can sell your junk car in Saint Louis with next to no problem. The answer to your question is: We pay cash for junk cars without title. We do it all the time!

Applying for a New Car Title Can Be a Hassle

If you want to apply to the State of Missouri for a new car title you will need to meet a fairly long list of stipulations. First, you’ll need a Missouri home address. You must fill out the proper paperwork and mark “Duplicate” at the top to indicate that you are applying for a replacement.

Next, you’ll have to complete all the information at the bottom… or rather, you’ll have to pay a notary public to fill out the information and stamp your application. Then, they’ll notarize it and witness you signing the form.

If you have a mutilated original title, you’ll need to include this with your application. You’ll next need to request that the title be mailed to the proper address. You will possibly be required to include a notarized Lien Release with your application.

Payment for this application is presently set at $8.50 for a duplicate title fee and an additional $2.50 for processing.

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We are proud to be considered the best way to sell a junk car in St Louis, Mo! If you have any questions about selling a junk car without a title, call the company who always pays you cash on the spot! We offer free towing in St Louis Missouri and are known as the company who buys cars in any condition.


Flag and Map of St Louis, MO

Flag and Map of St Louis, MO

Often times people with no title or registration are worried that junk car buyers won’t be interested in purchasing their cars, trucks or other vehicles. But we hope that this article has illustrated that you still have options to have your junk car removed and accept our cash offer.

Get rid of that car within the next 24 hours. Avoid hidden fees often charged by tow truck drivers and towing companies. The answer to the question: who buy junk cars without title near me? Is Cash4JunkCarsSTL.com!

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Cash for Junk Cars Without Title Near Me

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